My team want a Data Center, all of their friends have one

Data CenterThere’s a CTO that I meet up with occasionally when I’m in London, we discuss all sorts of different aspects of IT, I think we both really get a lot of of our discussions, I know that I do.

During the last one we were talking about the ‘Evolution of IT’ and more specifically how this is happening within his organisation and he told me about one of their IT groups that serves a growing part of their foreign business and I loved this comment that he made “My team want a Data Center, all of their friends have one”, this IT group have been growing and growing, investing in more and more equipment and have now reached an inflexion point…

Continue to invest in equipment and build a Data Center?…

You’re buying Flash from who?

Flash from whoNews Flash: Flash fails! it also fails differently!

I think it’s really important to have this in your mind as you consider your Flash strategy, I’ve spoken and blogged many times now about how it’s becoming very clear that the biggest disruption being caused by Flash is in the Tier 1 space, Tier 1 is dead, dead, dead.

Doing one thing well is NOT enough!

Doing one thing wellI love trade shows! Now before you start thinking that’s an odd thing to say, let me explain why.

I’ve been travelling a lot for the last couple of weeks which is why I haven’t spent much time updating my blog, I’ve been to a couple of trade shows and I have another to go to tomorrow, but why do I love them?…

The demise of Tier 1, Throwing “Flash Grenades” at fortress VMAX

Flash GrenadesI hope the title of this blog post may have piqued your interest!

I’ve spoken many times about how I predict the demise of Tier 1 storage due to the impact of All Flash Arrays, this is good for NetApp and here’s why…

Whilst we power some of the most critical applications in the most critical environments across the world, I don’t personally think we’ve ever truly been seen as Tier 1, in fact EMC in particular have enjoyed re-enforcing this at every possible opportunity.…

Over 5 Years and 70 Petabytes, we know a LOT about Flash!

FlashSchopenhauer was right, truth really does pass through three phases:

First it is ridiculed.
Second it is fiercely and violently opposed.
Third, it becomes self-evident.

One of the many great things about working in the IT industry, especially in storage is that we’re constantly having to evolve our technology to deal with data that’s growing faster than the capacity of the technology that we use to store it on, a need for performance that demands using new types of technology in order to achieve it, combined with the fact that companies also expect to reduce the amount they spend on it, not increase it.…