Data Fabric Part 1 – The Evolution of Industries

Well it’s been a while since I posted a video on what I had originally intended to be a video blog, who’d have thought that I would enjoy writing posts, it was certainly not what I had intended when I started this little venture.

I’ve met a lot of customers over the last year or so and it’s fascinating to me the pace of change that we’re seeing happening across all industries right now. It’s more than just new products, we’re seeing entire industries evolving their business models, some of this is the natural progress of things but it’s also happening because we’re seeing new companies arriving that are disrupting these traditional business models. And now it’s happening in some of the more well established markets that previously probably felt impervious to the threat such as Finance, where FinTech’s are establishing themselves and have the potential to be as disruptive as those that have come before such as AirBnb to the Hotel industry and Uber to the Taxi business.

Our strategy too has evolved, it’s not enough just to have a product that’s better than the next guy, it’s about having a Strategy and Portfolio that enables you to deliver much broader value than anything that has gone before and to enable companies to take advantage of disruption rather than being disrupted.

This is the first of three posts where I’ll discuss our Data Fabric Strategy, this one sets out the reasons for ‘Why’ it’s needed, I use the example of the Auto Industry. The following ones will talk about ‘How’ it can benefit you and ‘What’ our solutions are that can enable this.

As always I enjoy receiving your comments and the discussions they provoke

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