Doing one thing well is NOT enough!

I love trade shows! Now before you start thinking that’s an odd thing to say, let me explain why.

I’ve been travelling a lot for the last couple of weeks which is why I haven’t spent much time updating my blog, I’ve been to a couple of trade shows and I have another to go to tomorrow, but why do I love them? It is the best opportunity you will ever get to really practice explaining your business value.

I think everyone should do stand duty early on in their career with a company. Over the course of one or two days you get to have 50 – 100 brief conversations with people and in these conversations you have to be able to explain, who you are, who your company is, what value you might be able to offer to them and why they should meet you again…think you can do it, try it, it’s really not that easy.

It’s during one of these conversations that it really became obvious to me that it’s the compound value of what we do that really makes the difference. Sure there are some good storage startups out there that do one or two things well, well enough that they hope someone will acquire them, but when you look at the compound value of what we do then the difference in value becomes very obvious. Doing one thing well is NOT enough!

This video is about one of these conversations…

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