Build your data fabric in less than 10 minutes!

I read a competitors blog recently, I’m not going to post a link to it but I’m sure you could find it once you’ve viewed this and therefore have a gist as to what it was all about. A few things really jumped out at me as I read it though

  1. The person that wrote it is ex NetApp and his knowledge is clearly out of date. It’s always a risk to criticise a vendor when you don’t really have good enough knowledge to do so.
  2. Some of the criticism was about capabilities that this particular vendor don’t even offer themselves, which is a very odd competitive tactic.
  3. It was about a 10 minute read that for most part talked about how complex NetApp is to manage.

I could write a response but I thought a better approach to take would be to record a demo for you, in the demo below I’ll show you how we can create your data fabric across on-premises, AWS, Azure and GCP, using our Cloud Manager SaaS platform. I have not sped anything up, this is all being done in real time.

This whole demo showed you more, and took you less time to watch than it would to have done to read our competitors blog. Ironic really when their post was all about complexity.

There’s so much more that Cloud Manager can do though, we can setup sync relationships between any POSIX based on premises system and the Cloud, we don’t even have to be the source or the destination. We can setup volumes with trident so that they can be connected to Kubernetes environments, SPOT is also integrated so that you can analyse your Cloud compute usage. I’ll probably cover more of this in a follow up post.

Is this the first time you’ve seen Cloud Manager? let me know what you think

5 thoughts on “Build your data fabric in less than 10 minutes!

  1. Great post and demo! I read what I think is the blog you are referring to and it reeks of misdirection and half truths. Perspective is one thing, fact is another.

  2. Thanks John, I think I may be creating a number of these demo posts as there’s so much else I can show.

  3. Great demo Matt! It’s great to show prospects how powerful yet simple to manage the NetApp hybrid multi-cloud solutions are in today’s environment. We are years ahead of our traditional competitors from what customers are telling us in the field so let’s stay focused on providing the best hybrid multi-cloud experience in the industry.

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