Flash to Cloud and back again – (A NetApp Tale)

Disclaimer, this is a NetApp post through and through! now that’s out of the way let me tell you my NetApp Tale. This one clearly came to me whilst watching one of my favourite films, it should be pretty obvious which film that is.

I spend much of my time at our EBC in Amsterdam, it’s a great facility designed specifically to provide companies with an opportunity to really focus on the challenges that they have and how our technology, partnerships and people could really make a difference for them, Giancarlo and Lucero that run the facility are both passionate in their focus and commitment on providing a really unique experience for anyone that attends an EBC visit and I can state first hand just how powerful the visits are.

As well as, I hope, providing value to the EBC’s I support, I also get a lot out of it, I learn about what makes IT inside companies tick and the myriad of different challenges that IT is trying to deal with right now. In addition to this I get to really focus and work on how to position what it is that NetApp does and why I believe we can make a difference. We have people that speak at the EBC’s on specific technologies areas, my role is to provide a higher level view, to provide a broader context of NetApp and that has led me to create this video blog.

IT has never had so many options open to it and most people tell me they are on a journey, but it’s not just a journey to a new technology such as Flash devices, it’s also a journey toward embracing Hybrid Cloud. Where does NetApp fit in all this? watch the video to find out

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