How much money are you wasting on compute in the cloud?

For us it was 73%, no that is not a typo. When we introduced Spot into our engineering / development environment 73% was the amount we reduced our spend on cloud compute by and there was no impact to our developers and no reduction in application availability.

How much do you think you are spending on cloud compute that you shouldn’t be?

A signifcant part of what NetApp has delivered over the last 10 years or so is bringing efficiency to the way that you store and manage data, SnapShots, Cloning, Deduplication, Compression, Compaction, Tiering, the list goes on. As we embraced the cloud as part of the data fabric strategy that we’re enabling for companies it was a logical step for us to bring these same efficiencies to life inside the environments of the cloud providers, taking our storage OS in the form of Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) into them means it is typically cheaper to use our storage OS inside the cloud providers environment than it is to use their native file services.

What we are now seeing though is that there is a huge opportunity to bring savings to the way that companies are using compute in the cloud, either due to over allocation and provisioning, or not being able to take advantage of the lower cost compute resources that the cloud providers offer and this is something that we decided we should help with, hence our acquisition of Spot.

How simple is it for you to understand the potential compute savings and to implement them? have a look at my quick demo to find out.

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