I am “The Storage Guy”

I’ve had the privilege to deliver one of the Keynote talks at NetApp’s Insight event in EMEA for several years now, this year I was delighted to be asked to speak at the US event in Las Vegas too.

I attended one of the first of these events when it was run back in 2003, I worked for a NetApp partner at the time, there were about 150 people from NetApp and Partners flown in for ‘Fall Classic’ which is what it was called back then and it was held in a small building NetApp had just bought and managed to clear at the end of Java Drive. This year over 5,000 people attended Insight in Las Vegas and Dublin which I believe makes it the largest conference focused solely on the Technical teams of a Vendor and its Partners in the IT Industry.

Here’s my talk, its a long one, I promise the next ones I post will be much shorter again