Infrastructures are Evolving – Clustered Data ONTAP just makes sense!

There are many very significant features that we’ve built into Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT), these enable a fundamental change in the way companies build their storage infrastructures, but I’ve been trying to find my own way to describe just how significant it is.

What does Seamless Scalability, Proven Efficiency and most importantly Non Disruptive Operations (NDO), which I feel is a term that somehow dramatically undersells it’s real value, mean for IT today?

This is about building Storage Infrastructures in a different way, it’s about having storage that starts where you need it and scales with you, that NEVER requires you to take downtime for upgrades, for maintenance or most importantly, as you move through generations of technology. This is more than just delivering new storage capabilities, this is about building storage infrastructures in the way that it makes sense for today and the future.

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