Making sense of your data, what, where, why and who?

Imagine having an application that can understand all of the data that you’re storing, that can do this for ANY unstructured data across any vendor, that can scan any S3 compatible source, that can scan your OneDrive accounts, that can scan the structured data behind many of the major applications that you use today and can do this across Azure, AWS and GCP.

That’s NetApp Cloud Data Sense! no need to imagine it, it’s here and it’s available right now.

Okay, okay maybe I’m being a little sensationalist there, the marketeer that lives inside me is always fighting to get out.

I’ve been closely following how Cloud Data Sense has evolved from Cloud Compliance, which came from our acquisition of Cognigo a couple of years back now, It was obvious to us all that it had real potential but what wasn’t so obvious to me was how quickly we’d be able to realise that potential. From those early days when it only scanned NetApp Cloud Volumes to what it can do today is staggering progress in just 2 years, that’s an example of the power and speed of developing in the Cloud right there.

So what does it actually do? how does it work? it makes sense of your data, it enables you to understand exactly what type of data you are storing where, how sensitive this is, how efficient this is. It allows you to run compliance reports, to satisfy Data Subject Access Requests and so much more. It enables you to bring immense new intelligence to your data fabric.

But rather than tell you all the details I decided again that it would be best to show you. Here’s Cloud Data Sense in under 5 minutes, and if you want to try it out for yourself then we offer a free trial for scanning up to 1TB of data. You can find more details at

The chat is open if you have any questions or comments, enjoy!

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