You keep us because we’re Unified? what does that mean?

I always enjoy the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, it’s one of the few opportunities where I get to take a little time to get all of the ‘stuff’ that’s in my head and try to assemble it into something that maybe people might find useful.

In the first few weeks of this year I’ve also met with some senior people within our customers and partners to discuss strategy, both theirs and NetApp’s, I’ll add some more detail behind this in a future post. At one of these meetings I needed to find out more about the person I was talking to so I started to ask him my ‘3 Questions’, obviously I didn’t just ask them outright, I started to weave them into the discussion, and as I got to my second question ‘Why do you keep buying from NetApp? I really liked his answer. We never really got to my third question as it was covered so well in his response.

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